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    So far I’ve spent about 6 hours trying to work out how to announce this but I’m getting nowhere fast, so rather than wrap it up in fancy words, I’ll just say it.

    I’ve had a bit of a business reshuffle and have made the decision to close the Crafty Alchemy website and bring everything under the Claire Salisbury Studios umbrella and on the one website rather than two separate ones. This will free up some much needed time & resources to enable me to expand Claire Salisbury Studios and my own label range as well as focus on growing the Creative Sparks Club community, which is something that I’m extremely passionate about.

    From 9am on Monday 11/3/19 I’m having a Reshuffle Sale over on the Crafty Alchemy website with 25% off everything until Midnight 26/3/19 (unless they sell out earlier), so if there’s a kit or two that you fancy, now is the time because once they’re gone, they’re not coming back. If there are any kits left after the website has closed, I’ll keep the Crafty Alchemy Etsy Shop open a bit longer.

    I’ve had some great opportunities and adventures with Crafty Alchemy over the last 7 years and to all my customers & followers, thank you very much for all your support over the years, I hope you all enjoyed the kits as much as I enjoyed designing them for you.


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    Hello, hello and welcome to week 5 of Colourful Christmas! This week it's time to put on your pj's, grab a hot chocolate (marshmallows are optional) and a Gingerbread Man (to go with your hot choc), get comfy & cosy in front of the fire because it's time for some Christmas Stories!

    This weeks collection contains a mix of classic Christmas characters and icons to take you back to when you were little and excitedly waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

    There's lots of traditions around Christmas, some are well known like leaving a cookie and a glass of milk for Santa or maybe it's a family tradition like having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve (we do this so that no-one has to spend most of Christmas Day in the kitchen cooking for everyone, we kind of think it adds to the magic atmosphere too), but one of the most widely known traditions is Christmas Stockings hanging by the fireplace.

    These Christmas Stockings are too small for Santa to leave any treats in but they look so cute on the Christmas Tree


    Next up, no Christmas storytelling session is complete without a cup of Hot Chocolate and something snackish to see you through the story, which is where the Gingerbread Men come in, the good thing about these cute little biscuits is, as they're made from 30% wool blend felt, they have no calories! 


    And so the storytelling begins, you're looking up at the night sky looking for the smallest sign that Santa and his reindeer are on their way, you can't help but notice that all of the stars in the night sky are twinkling a bit brighter than usual, this Star Christmas Decoration kit helps you bring a small piece of the night sky into your home to adorn your Christmas tree.


    The next thing you know you can hear a faint jingle of sleigh bells and possibly a far away cry of "Ho Ho Ho". The storytelling comes to an end, as no child wants to get caught out of bed by Santa on Christmas Eve, you quickly run up the stairs to your bedroom and just before you jump under the covers you have a quick look out of the window and sure enough you can see reindeer pulling a sleigh in the distance, illuminated by a slight red glow...


    You dive into bed, pull the covers over your head and close your eyes tight hoping you fall asleep quickly, excited to find what's under the Christmas tree in the morning!

    All of the DIY Christmas Decoration kits contain everything you need to complete the project, except scissors, and all of the kits have really easy to follow instructions making these ideal for both experienced sewists and complete beginners, all of our Christmas Decoration Kits are available now in the Crafty Alchemy Shop

    Stay crafty!

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  3. COLOURFUL CHRISTMAS ICONHello & welcome to week 4 of Colourful Christmas! This week traditional meets whimsical for White Christmas.This week I've selected 4 of the Christmas decoration kits which are all festively frosty with a sprinkle of sweetness thrown in for good measure.

    First up this week are the snowmen, and as these cool little guys are made from 30% wool blend felt I promise that they won't melt into a puddle on your floor. Cute snowmen & no cold, soggy mess - that's a win right there!.


    Next we have the cousins of the Traditional Reindeer Decoration Kit, meet the White Reindeer or Snow Reindeer as I like to call them...


    They have lovely soft pastel coloured noses and they're cute, sleepy reindeer too!

    Time for a bit of sweetness I think, this next kit is new to the Crafty Alchemy Christmas Decoration Kits this year - The Candy Canes! With festive Pink & Peppermint stripes they make the perfect addition to any Christmas Tree.


    And the final kit for this week is one of my favourites - Polar Bears! These little dudes are adorable (and much less feisty than real Polar Bears) They're cute and soft and made from 30% wool blend felt

    Polar Bears Christmas Decoration Kit

    As with all of the Crafty Alchemy Kits, these kits all have everything you need (except scissors) to make the Christmas Tree Decorations and they all have super easy to follow instructions so they're perfect for both experienced sewists and complete beginners.

    You can purchase all of the Christmas Decoration Sewing Kits here, everything is sent First Class via Royal Mail so if you're in the UK you've still got plenty of time to receive your order before you put your Christmas tree up (unless you've already put your tree up as I know one or two people have lol!)

    Stay crafty 

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