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Keep Going - The Indie Rollercoaster Campaign

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Have you seen the Keep Going campaign? 

It was started by Leona Thriftola, creator of Lucky Dip Club and The Indie Rollercoaster.  Indie Rollercoaster is aFacebook community for all Indie Business owners and is all about community over competition and supporting each other.

Keep Going  was created after Leona realised it was one of the things that came up over and over again in the group. She asked the group to make things using the phrase Keep Going, and send the photos and a small paragraph about why you keep going to Leona, who then shares them on the Indie Roller Keep Going Instagram account regularly to remind and encourage indie biz owners everywhere to keep going.

This was my submission for the campaign.

My why is: I keep going becuase I've come too far to give in and walk away now. I also don't want to be responsible for making a unicorn cry.

KEEP GOING - Indie Rollercoaster Keep Going campaign


You can check out the Indie Roller Community & the Keep Going Campaign here:

Instagram:  @keep_going_indieroller 

Instagram: @indie_roller

Facebook: @theindierollercoaster

You can join the Indie Rollercoaster Community here.

Signature - Saturday Rock

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