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So far I’ve spent about 6 hours trying to work out how to announce this but I’m getting nowhere fast, so rather than wrap it up in fancy words, I’ll just say it.

I’ve had a bit of a business reshuffle and have made the decision to close the Crafty Alchemy website and bring everything under the Claire Salisbury Studios umbrella and on the one website rather than two separate ones. This will free up some much needed time & resources to enable me to expand Claire Salisbury Studios and my own label range as well as focus on growing the Creative Sparks Club community, which is something that I’m extremely passionate about.

From 9am on Monday 11/3/19 I’m having a Reshuffle Sale over on the Crafty Alchemy website with 25% off everything until Midnight 26/3/19 (unless they sell out earlier), so if there’s a kit or two that you fancy, now is the time because once they’re gone, they’re not coming back. If there are any kits left after the website has closed, I’ll keep the Crafty Alchemy Etsy Shop open a bit longer.

I’ve had some great opportunities and adventures with Crafty Alchemy over the last 7 years and to all my customers & followers, thank you very much for all your support over the years, I hope you all enjoyed the kits as much as I enjoyed designing them for you.


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